Craft With Me is part audio journal, part class presentation, part interactive workshop session with Gil as he hones his skills as a writer. We would like to invite you along with us as we go from hobbyists writing for the sheer enjoyment of the craft, to, in the hopefully not-too-distant future, published authors.

Those First Few Precious Pages Craft With Me

This week, Gil explores the importance of the opening pages of your novel (and his) as we continue through Pimp My Fiction. I hope you enjoy listening! As normal, Michael here playing Keyboard Ninja, Gil's on the mic (hopefully not dropping it too often, they're expensive to replace!), and Paul composed and performed our soundtrack. Thanks for listening!
  1. Those First Few Precious Pages
  2. The Story Circle and Story Skeleton
  3. 8-Point Structure and More
  4. The Beginner's Mind
  5. Crafting With Chaos