Craft With Me is part audio journal, part class presentation, part interactive workshop session with Gil as he hones his skills as a writer. We would like to invite you along with us as we go from hobbyists writing for the sheer enjoyment of the craft, to, in the hopefully not-too-distant future, published authors.

Where Should You Begin? Craft With Me

This week, we're exploring the wonderful world of… well, where to start. Honestly, it's a hard question, and doesn't have a definite and final answer. Quiet and idyllic days, or in the middle of a massive battle, or the beginning of time itself, or the end?  Per usual, Gil, Michael, and Paul at their respective posts doing their respective tasks. – Structuring Your Fiction
  1. Where Should You Begin?
  2. The Hook – Diving into Structuring Your Novel
  3. Intro to Structuring Your Novel
  4. Those First Few Precious Pages
  5. The Story Circle and Story Skeleton